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Distributed Computing

Distributed computing

Distributed computing allows your home PC to become part of a large super computer. To take part you need to install a client program on your computer. The client then connects to the project server to collect data, processes the data, then returns the results before collecting new work.

Most distributed computing projects keep stats so you can see how you are doing compared to others. Teams can also be created, allowing a smaller group of users to see their stats together. This helps to generate friendly competition between team members and can encourage extra CPU power to be brought onto a project. I'm a member of the Prof. James Challis' Most Excellent UK Team and maintain the team graphs.

Major projects is one of the longest running groups, running since 1997. Current projects include RC5 and OGR.


The Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence has been running since early 1999.

United Devices

The major project at the moment, THINK, is studying molecules for possible cancer cures.

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